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Contacts vs LASIK

Contacts versus LASIK


Thinking you can’t afford LASIK? Think again! Chances are, if you are currently wearing corrective eyewear (ie glasses or contacts), you are spending far more than you’ve probably considered.

Remember, LASIK is performed once; glasses and contacts are an annual purchase. According to a recent market study the average annual costs of corrective lenses are as follows:

 Cost Analysis of LASIK vs Contacts


Cost Contacts/Glasses


Contact Lenses



Contact Supplies



Prescription Glasses
(every 2 yrs)



Prescription Sunglasses
(every 2 yrs)



Annual Cost



20 year Cost



On average LASIK pays for itself in FOUR years or less! 


Improper use of contact lenses is a common cause of eye infections and vision loss.  The CDC estimates that people who sleep with their contacts overnight are 20 times more likely to get infections in the eye (keratitis). The overall cost of medical expenses from keratitis is around $175 million dollars a year, as estimated by the CDC.

In a recent three year study comparing LASIK and contact lenses, contact wearers are over twice as likely to contract eye infections and ulcers compared to those who have LASIK!1  And those who previously wore contacts had reduced frequency of dry eyes at 2 and 3 years after LASIK compared to prior to surgery!1

Contacts versus LASIK comparison for infections, abrasions and ulcers

1Price et al. Three-year longitudinal survey comparing visual satisfaction with LASIK and contact lenses. Ophthalmology. 2016 Aug;123(8):1659-66.

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