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Surgical FAQs

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It’s natural to have many questions about eye surgery. Our doctors and support staff are here to answer your questions. Below, we have compiled answers to some of your most frequently asked questions about ocular surgery.

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Can I eat prior to Surgery?

You should not eat or drink anything after midnight the evening prior to your eye surgery.

Can I take my medications prior to Surgery?

Please take ALL of your usual morning medications EXCEPT diabetic medications, this includes pills and insulin. If you have insulin pump please contact your PCP or endocrinologist on their recommendation for monitoring your pump during surgery. Blood thinners will ONLY be held if requested by a nurse.

What should I wear prior to Surgery?
Loose fitting comfortable clothing is preferred. Please leave any valuables and jewelry at home. Do not wear clothing that must be removed over your head.
When should I arrive the day of surgery?
A member of Michigan Outpatient Surgery Center staff will call you the day before surgery and let you know your arrival time is, review your pre-operative instructions, and answer any questions you may have.
What should I bring the day of Surgery?
Bring with you a photo ID such as a driver’s license and your insurance cards along with your seven page consent form. When you arrive at the center the staff will review with you the consent for surgery, your financial responsibility, Advanced Directives, and other important information.
What kind of Anesthesia am I receiving?
Patients receiving ocular surgery with our surgeons usually undergo a local anesthesia for surgery. Medicine, in liquid form, is given to you in the pre-operative area and an IV is started, in case we need to supplement you during surgery. As such you are never completely under during surgery.
What can I expect after surgery?
Immediately after surgery you will be taken to our post-operative area where you will be monitored by our post-operative nurses. You will be offered a drink and light snack. You will receive verbal and written instructions on what you should do at home and you will be prepared for discharge from our center.
Can I drive home after surgery?
It is important that you NOT drive home after receiving anesthesia. Our policy requires someone to bring you to the surgery center and stay with you during surgery if you are not using our transportation or medical transportation.
How will my vision be like after surgery?
Healing for most ocular surgeries take anywhere from one to four weeks to heal.

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